Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here We Go Again: JCrew and Urban Outfitters Pretties!

1. Urban Outfitters Ecote Lightweight Cotton Dress - SOLD
Excellent used condition, Worn only once.
Side-zipper, hidden pockets 

2. BCBG Print Dress via Lord and Taylor
Poly/Spandex blend
Never worn but without tags

3. JCrew City Fit Capris - SOLD
Paisley print 
Excellent used condition
Cotton with Spandex stretch
Size: FOUR

4. JCrew Giraffe Print Short - SOLD
Excellent used condition, side zipper
Size: FOUR

5. JCrew Matchstick White Denim Jean - SOLD
Worn once, Excellent used condition
They now sell for NINETY-EIGHT DOLLARS.
Size: 29
Will someone PLEASE buy these? I hate to see them go to consignment. 
$45 or Best (Reasonable Offer)

6. JCrew Cropped Pixi Pant, Black
Worn once, Excellent used condition
Size: FOUR
Purchased at retail cost $88
Available on website sale for $69 (plus shipping)
$45.00 (Or Best Reasonable Offer)

7. JCrew Lightweight Chino Bermuda - SOLD
Excellent used condition, Khaki
Size: FOUR
Retails for $49.50

8. JCrew 5" Chino short
Excellent used condition, Navy
Size: FOUR
Retails online for $49.50

9. JCrew Lightweight Oxford Short
Excellent used condition (sorry about the wrinkles)
Size: FOUR

10. JCrew Dress 100% Silk top, 100% Wool Skirting
With silk lining
Worn once, Excellent Used Condition
Size: FOUR



Please EMAIL me with any interest!
First come, first served. 

$5.00 Flat rate shipping added to any order. 
$2.00 Added for shipment of multiple items.
Items will ship the day after payment received via PayPal.

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Sundresses and Smiles said...

looks like we have VERY similar tastes! i'm a j. crew lover myself! just found your blog and am a new follower, please stop by mine!