Friday, March 4, 2011

Carter's Closet NEVER WORN Re-Sale and Ebay Listings!

In case you were still interested in shopping my closet, you can check out my latest listing on eBay. Here's my Listing Link! Desperate times call for desperate measures and I don't think there's enough P90X and Stroller Strides in the universe to get my new mom-hips back into my size 29's. No worries, I'm totes down with that- I just need to make some space in the ol' closet and I hate to see these items thrown to Goodwill. 

More importantly, I completely underestimated Carter's size for the summer during last year's End Of Season sales. Are you or anyone you know looking for Infant Boy summer clothes sizes 6-9mo, 6-12mo and 9mo? Please share this link with anyone you may know who might be interested! 

All items have NEVER BEEN WORN but the tags have been removed from some. I guess I got a little excited in the beginning, thinking that Carter would be able to wear it!

All items were purchased in either Old Navy or Kohl's. 

Flat rate shipping cost of $5.00 will be added to any order. 

NWT - 6-12mo Old Navy Swim Trunks (so stinking cute!)
Both pair for $10 or $6 each 

New without tags (got a little excited) 
3 pair Kohl's Jumping Bean Shorts - 6-9mo
1 pair Carter's Shorts - 9mo (blue plaid, bottom right)
All 4 pair for $10 or $3 each.

close-up of the dinosaur print!


Old Navy Polos - 6-12mo
$7 for both

Old Navy Sports T's - 6-12mo
$5 for both

Old Navy Plaid Button Down Oxford - 6-12mo

Old Navy Graphic T - 6-12mo

Never worn but without tags: 

Ralph Lauren 100% Cotton Seersucker Striped John-John
9mo size (so sad C never got to wear this!)

Red Jumping Bean Onesie from Kohls - 6-9mo 

Please email me at with any questions!